I’d also like to add that this is common points for all mammals as well, except that instead of their knees bending backwards it’s more that the long part of their legs is actually equivalent to the flat of our feet, and what we call their paws are actually what our toes are.

hope this helps! ;; and I hope that’s what you meant, but hey — understanding what you’re drawing means you can stylize it better, yeah?

I’d also like to add that the body shape really depends on the life of the species — for example, those that have strong wings will have a more top-heavy shape { because of muscles }, but chickens are more bottom-heavy.

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i didnt dtart drawing yet, im such an egg lmao

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"He thinks a lot more than he says and knows a lot more than he lets on. When he speaks to himself he’s often more insightful and poetic than when he’s addressing others"

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watch doges come out on my bday

i want that game


i bet i wont be able to enjoy myself on my bday again

i rarely do

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i ate so much now /rolls around/


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We can only be friends if you’re kind of an asshole. Not full blown asshole because that’s no fun. And if you’re not an asshole at all then that won’t work either. A halfway asshole. Those are my kind of people.

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Escorting someone in any video game is truly a frustration.

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the fact that Corvo can possess River Krusts but can’t do shit makes me laugh

it’s so the outsider can laugh forever in the void

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i need to find at least part time job soon hm

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bob-chan answered your post: today’s drill (dishomo only): Martin i…


but if martin and outsider are gay who is riding admiral

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