Text this so that your “hey” isn’t so boring

also..i was thinking of rewamping my comishes…

maybe for now only chibies, because everyone loves chibies

would you like me to make some photos of my knives and swords and stuff if i find them again? : D

found my anime and j-rock collection…heh

engaging in own room cleaning activity

My desktop and the reason why everything’s chucked to the side.

Every window opened i have is this way.


I was tagged by augmented-mind a week ago, but tumblr never notified me and it wasn’t in my tag even i didn’t even kno i was tagged ;w;

One rule: NO changing your background once you’ve been tagged! Even if it’s embarassing!

And I tag: mustachossom, lizzystride, calyxofawildflower, leviathanbones aaand… jantelaw

that’s it :P


hiya friends - sorry for the slow delay, but here we go! this post is just a fancy cover page as all of my commission info is handled here, but here is the gist of it. i will be starting with three slots and then move on from there.

  • i will be starting slowly with bust-shots only until i feel i am able to do fullbody - i will let you guys know. 
  • pricing is available on the above page as well, but is subject to change due to complexity or lack thereof.
  • let me know if you wanted any specific poses (profile or front view, etc). i will be doing sketches, flats and full rendered pieces.
  • be cool. B)
  • because dragon age is rad, i will be having a 10% off deal for any dragon age related ocs and characters. just specify that your oc is from da universe (there are a lot of fantasy genres with elves yo)


Young Hwan Lee

it’s bed for me now